Writer(s) – J. D. Hopkins
Producer – Demo


It’s a bittersweet confliction when I’m writing at night time.
It is deep in the deep end, I’m prying my lifeline.
Right in my optic eyes reflects a sigh lens.
For quite often I lie in depth of silence.
Immensely playing possum, I’m not just dying
I’m portraying I’m alive, but no. Know I’m lying.
Through lines and synonyms the sin in him is constant.
Consonants are frivolous with no syllable conscious.
To be honest, my grin is grim within a gremlin psyche.
It’s the hardest singing dismal hymns with whimsical sobriety.
Even I once whence miles to pry at thy lips
While mild mist missed your eye I’m smiling.
Dialing on my heart tone with everything that I own
I’ve never seen a better scene, but what’d bring: a cyclone.
So I’m thrown in the twister. My chest zone is a blister.
I try to mourn and then crystals fell to the floor into splinters.
Say “au reviour” to the ‘monsieur’. I’m ripped there’s no more left.
And then she wants to get close to the ghost of my former self.
What is normal? Help! My affection is deflected.
Sessions turn to seasons, should I heed this as a lesson?
Why do I feel less than my reflection in the mirror?
I would give up my last breath for the direction to be clearer.
What I feel is close to nil. I chose to spill for you
The only ounce I’ve ever found gowned within the truth.
And you wonder why my grasp is gone. I laugh and give a smirk,
But beneath this mask this raspy tone is basked within the hurt.
So, I’m searching for answers. Are these personal stanzas?
From my birth I’ve been damaged. God, please fill up this man.
‘Cause, what they see is not me and what I see is not Him.
So, call this a confession. I, am bludgeoned, and I’m stopping
The façade that I’m all there with a rock hard behavior;
‘Cause I’m not I need you, a Rock, and a Savior.