1. Piece Of Mind

Writer(s) – J. D. Hopkins
Producer – Mikey Supreme


[Verse 1]
All I know is no peace; 40s of the OE.
When they robbed my shorty, I got em on the low key.
Throw bows then I’m rolling, running from the police.
Namely they know my name, but they don’t even know me.
Alone with my homies, my soul is so unholy.
A heart of holes, with so much shame, I’m blocking like a goalie.
Watching Donnie Darko in the dark drinking vodka;
Shots until I’m dropped to not feel what I ought to.
Awkward when you’re popular, but feel like you’re the opposite;
Any praise inside your brain is a strain of contradict.
“Abba, do you hear me?” Where’s the peace of Jesus?
Ain’t received in all my years, here I am in pieces.

[Verse 2]
They can’t really love me. Yeah, they blow me kisses,
Give me dap, and give me hugs. Their vision ain’t my prison.
My prism has a chip and I can’t see the light. No!
Even when I’m doing right, I feel my plight is lifelong.
I’ve seen people change and there they got their freedom.
Seen birds, I’ve seen planes, but seen fallen angel demons.
What do I believe in? I can hear you breathing.
I am freezing, treading water, out here in the deep end.
I am not a weakling, but been shrieking in my sleep
And there’s nothing no one can ever do to stop me from sinking.
Maybe somewhere out there, if love can see me through:
Then we’ll be together. Out where dreams come true.