Why Doughnuts?

November 5th, 2015

Some people unfamiliar with who I am may be wondering what possessed me to make a song about donuts. Well, first of all, I absolutely love donuts. I'm the type to book a plane ticket and fly out to a donut shop just to try a good donut. Some people want to travel the world and see all of what nature has to offer. Me? I want to travel the world and find the best donuts. Some people may say that I'm slightly addicted... Those people wouldn't be far off their claim either :). When thinking of making this song, I wanted to take a creative take on the word (doughnut) and tell a deeper story. I needed it to sound light, innocent, and even comical in a way. I felt as though this is song was a good way to start my record. Stay tuned for how the thought of "bread" and  dough-nuts unfolds. I can't wait until you guys hear the full record from start to finish. Go out and grab a donut today, for it is National Doughnut Day :) 

- Bled 

Ps. Also, take another listen to Doughnuts and pick up on some things you might have missed within the words of the song. Let me know what you think and share the song with your friends and family! https://soundcloud.com/emcee_bledjon/doughnuts

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