Miracle in the Madness

October 21st 2015 

Yesterday was one of the most frustrating days I've had in a while. It was the day before I was supposed to submit 'The Popular Loner' project in to the engineer to be mastered. All songs had already been recorded and only 3 were left to slightly mix. The problem was the hard drive where the audio files and sounds were located was continuously crashing. By the looks of it, my songs weren't coming off the hard drive and my project would be incomplete. I was praying for a miracle. It caused me to reflect on much of the process making this project. Every step of the process I was met with large challenges and I couldn't see how everything was going to add up, but I believed in my heart that this album was meant to be. By a miracle, things fell into place at just the right time in order for this dream to be come a reality. I don't even know how many sleepless nights I've spent working on this throughout the madness going on around me. This album tells a story of my process up unto present day. I hope you guys listen form start to finish as this is my heart unfiltered. 


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